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How do I see streams I follow as a business on Facebook?

About a month ago in May 2016, Facebook started forcing all people to you use a business manager account if you had a business page. In the process, they removed the top of page link to “Home” where you could easily see streams your business followed. It’s still accessible, but has been moved to the left, below the “search for posts on this page” box. Just login, switch to your Facebook business identity and click the in the left now ladled “See Pages Feed”.

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I will teach you how I rank Youtube videos for FREE using white hat SEO.

I will teach you how I rank Youtube videos for FREE using white hat SEO.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create a white hat SEO network which I use to quickly rank YouTube videos for a given keyword term.

First, there are NO guarantees with search engine optimization. However, this is what I do, and have done for a variety of videos which have gained top ten ranking in just a few hours for GEO targeted – Local search terms.

For example, search "Annapolis Youtube marketing". If you search Google you’ll find many of my videos and or related web sites in the top ten. I practically own the space! ( and

You can do the same in your market.

*This technique tends to work the best of long tail and geo targeted search terms. It can work for broad match terms, but will take more time, and related content both in and out of your network.

Now, let’s get started.

First set up a Gmail, Google Plus and Associated Youtube account. In the process, you may want to create a keyword target user name. For example, if you an Barber in Chicago, you might create the following gmail name:

All set up with a gmail / Youtube / and Google plus page? Great. Now, visit this public spreadsheet in Google and make a private copy for yourself.

Worksheet link:..

Order digital download of this tutorial at

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#Youtube adds #hastags – Use for SEO!

Google announced today via the YouTube : Creator Monthly newsletter that they have now added #hashtag functionality to YouTube. We gave it a quick test by search for Bernie as a keyword and as a hashtag. From the search results in the video you can see that yes, indeed, using a #hashtag in the search produced different results, and in this case, a video that was created about 5 hours ago moved to the top ten of YouTube search results. Cool. Now, marketers, have yet another simple tool to get into the top ten of, at least, YouTube search results. And, if combined with brand marketing and a unique search term #hashtag, should be able to maintain consistent top level ranking in both YouTube as well as Google proper.

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Owl – Annapolis Nature Photography

A couple days ago in the morning I noticed some activity in the trees out the window of my Annapolis, MD home. There were two large owls flying about, landing, changing positions. Watching something. Hunting. A squirrel. After a few moments, they flew away, but I did get a few shots to add to my nature photography collection. Enjoy.