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SEO results in 58 minutes

SEO results in 58 minutes

A couple weeks ago we shot a Youtube video titled Salisbury Antique Appraisals for our client Peenstra Appraisals. After editing down the two hours of raw video footage into an 8 minute highlight piece, we posted it on Youtube, and related social networks including their official branded blog:

Literally, in 58 minutes according to Google, Peenstra Appraisals , who had NO previous SERP for the targeted key term made it into the top ten of Google. This is pretty darn fast since there are over 122K pages competing for the same space. In a few days or so we expect the Youtube video along with the parent website site to replace the SERP result seen in the video. We’ll check again in a week or so and post an update to the results. If you need help with your local search engine optimization including Youtube and social marketing, then give us a call.

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Local Youtube SEO services overview

Local Youtube SEO services overview

We have updated our website design and focus of the services. Currently, we are experiencing excellent results from our Local YouTube SEO strategy, and are shifting our focus accordingly. Of course, we will still provide general search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, photography and video production, as they are all inter-related, but we really love making Youtube videos and seeing fast results in the search engines! With that said, here is out newest video.

Local Youtube SEO services overview

Or, you can watch the video directly on Youtube
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