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More success – New Jersey Seo company

More success - New Jersey Seo company

Hey there, this is Michael Zittel at A couple weeks ago we made a video for our partner promoting their free seo audit and a quick overview of their prime travel clients. In a day or so, they hit the top ten of Google Search and Youtube for the search phrase “NYC seo audit”. Watch this little screen capture to see the search results of “NYC seo audit” and variations. If you test this for yourself, be sure to switch to INCOGNITO in Google Chrome, or PRIVATE browsing in Firefox. This will eliminate the bias Google imposes on organic search results based off of your personal search history.

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Since 1999 I have been developing websites. Over the years I have built hundreds of Joomla and Wordpress websites for clients and side projects. Additionally, I provide comprehensive eMarketing such as SEO, SEM, Social, Email, Affiliate, et al. Additionally, in 2014 I added photography to my skill sets and am an approved contributor at

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