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Free SEO Audit for Maryland, DC DMV

Watch video on YouTube here:
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Negative seo tactics : How to fight

Negative seo tactics : How to fight recently wrote an interesting article about negative SEO (search engine optimization). In short, negative SEO is when, presumably, a competitor or just a malicious person, uses black hat SEO tactics to hurt your website. The 4 primary tactics are:

  • Spam links pointing to your website
  • Scraping (copying) your content and re-publishing on other sites
  • Negative reviews on third party sites you have no control of
  • Ex-employees / contractors messing with your on-site seo because you forgot to remove all access and permissions to your property
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    New Video – Hoboken Rental Apartment 2 Bedroom

    New Video - Hoboken Rental Apartment 2 Bedroom

    Check out this new video we made of a 2 bedroom rental apartment in Hoboken, NJ. took all photos and video, and edited it as well. In the next couple of days, we expect it to rise in the SERPS for terms related to Hoboken 2 bedroom rental apartment, etc.

    You can also watch on Youtube if you prefer:

    Video credits

    Real estate photography & video by LLC

    Music by: Mr Rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Blue_Wave_Theory, Silke Schmiemann

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    NYC Youtube Videos from (and

    NYC Youtube Videos from (and

    On November 16th, in association with, attended the American Association Marketing NYC event at Bravo Media. While there, we invited AMA members and guests to give a quick elevator pitch about their company / services. Though the lighting in the space provided wasn’t ideal, we got a bit creative in the editing process by reducing actual clip size and also played around with Premiere’s Perspective > Basic 3D motion tool to make the videos more appealing. Overall, the feedback for AMA as well as others has been very positive. Additionally, the related Youtube videos and blog post on has attained some top ranking in Google Video search and Youtube search for the search phrase "American Marketing Association NYC Event". Give it a try yourself and see what you can see.

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